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What is BodyTalk

BodyTalk is the medicine of the future

As the medicine of the future, BodyTalk is based on quantum scientific principles underpinned by a Vedantic philosophical approach and a solid moral basis. It combines anatomy and physiology, the psychology of the body as well as aspects of Eastern medicine to address the whole body and mind. It is a simple yet powerful *consciousness-based system for the whole family.

You are not just a body or just a mind; you are entangled with energetic patterns in your environment such as family, friends, animals, your workspace, etc. You also have a particular genetic blueprint and stored emotional memories, a family and cultural dynamic, inherited and learned belief systems. BodyTalk recognises the interrelatedness of all these factors and how they impact on the 30 trillion cells in your body.

*Consciousness is the state of being aware of oneself and responsive to one’s surroundings

It’s not just about the symptoms

If you have physical pain, such as an ulcer, for example, BodyTalk will not only address the ailment but delve into the source of the problem. The symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg while the causative factors are hidden from view. The key to long-lasting results in remedying health problems is to address all the complicit underlying factors. If given the right opportunities, the bodymind has its own powerful healing processes that are superior to any healthcare system imposed upon it.

‘The healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.’ – Hippocrates

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